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Granddaddy Longlegs Poisonous

Did you know: The grandaddy longlegs arachnid is so poisonous, if you swallow anything while in the same room with one, you will die 30 times. ?

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Have You Ever Seen a Cop Do Something Illegal?

And then you tried to perform a citizen’s arrest? It doesn’t work.       Curses work much better.

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Q: Why Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

A: We don’t.

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My Ancestors are Watching Me

I can swear cause every one is watching me My dead grandmother’s grandfater is watching (so is she) My dead grandfather’s grandmother and her ol beau’ are watchin My gramma’s grampa’s gramps is watching My grampa’s gramma’s gramma is watchin and gramma’s boyfriend’s mama’s watchin too I’m the newphew of a lot of people and […]

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