9 Reasons Letting Go of Resentment Will Make You a More Evil Person

Are you carrying around too much resentment? Believe it or not, you may be hurting yourself in the process. You can take this resentment test to see if you are.

I would never tell you that you have to forgive, much less forget. But you may be causing yourself undue harm and even letting yourself be unduly influenced by all of the resentment in your life. Here are 9 intelligent reasons that it’s importnt to let go of your resentful emotions–even if you never stop planning your revenge.

1. Resentment is an addictive state of mind, and intelligent, capable, evil people are not addicts.

Except maybe power addicts. But even a healthy power addiction can be dangerous, and should be moderated.

When you let it become a compulsion instead of an indulgence, resentment becomes a disease of the Will. If you let your Will get and stay diseased, you become just another mindless drone in today’s techno-

2. Resentment keeps you living in your past instead of building your powerful future.

The past is not even real, unless you build a total environment to make it so. Your future is the is-to-be of your workings.

If you let go of resentment and put in plenty of effort into working smart for your future, you will one day be able to say with much satisfaction, “So It Is Done.”┬áBut people who hold on to resentment are really saying, “So it was done to me”–and they do it to themselves over and over and over again.

Don’t disempower yourself with resentment. Instead, become one of the few powerful people by taking responsibility for your future.

3. Holding on to resentment is a way of beating yourself up, by replaying the shitty things that were done to you, or negelectgin yourself, by replaying the times when the things that should have been done for you, werent.

Need I say more?

4. Holding on to resentment actually gives the guilty party power over you–even when they are not around.

Need I say more?

5. Resentment will not let you control those have wronged you. But cool, passionless intelligence will.

As much as every budding Evil Genius may want to believe otherwise, nobody makes it to the top purely on their own efforts. Other people are required. And Lesser Magic works best when you maintain a calm, Evil Siddartha-like state with your emotions.

6. Resentment is bad for your physical health.

As every good Satanist recognizes, the mental, emotional, and “spiritual” aspects of humankind are really just different manifestations of physical, carnal reality. Holding onto resentment is actually very stressful. This kind of stress can cause premature again in the same way that taking care of a disabled loved one can cause stress on the caretaker.

Yogic meditation is but one remedy that will help you de-stress and let go of resentment. Throwing curses is another.

7. People use resetnment to gain the moral high ground.

In fact it is often used by professional victims and those who are what Harold Bloom calls “The school of resentiment.”

Need I say more?

Maybe I do. Here are some examples:

[professional victims]

8. Resentment keeps you from thinking clearly, realizing all of your options, and achieving your goals.

I probably don’t need to write a whole lot under some of these subheadings, do I?

9. Resentment is only fun when you have the power to get revenge.

Otherwise, it’s a miserable state. If you’re going to indulge in resentment, make sure that it is a healthy indulgence and not a compulsion! Do it from a position of power, both over the other person, and of power over your resentment.

One way to do this is to set boundaries on when you allow the resentment to have free reign. You may want to go into the ritual chamber or rent a hotel room for a weekend. You may want to start treating your resentment as a favored but well-disciplined pet.

The choices for handling resentment are pretty much unlimited for the creative sorcerer. Just be sure to turn it into an indulgence and not let it overwhelm you as a compulsion.

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