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Yes We Can

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Sneaking Out at Night

The first time I snuck out from Mama’s house I wasn’t very smart about the way I did it I was kinda dumb. I stopped the window’s falling with my thumb. then ripped my shirt on branches on the tree I barely shimmied down and scraped my knee from landing on the ground at too-high […]

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Where Were You on 9/11?

I saw the second tower fall and was like, “Damn I hope I don’t have AIDS.” Then I called in to work because it was right by the airport and it seemed like a good excuse.

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Humans Being

Actually, we are humans do-ing.   What are you doing?

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News: Norbert “Stinky Two-Legs” Buskin Down for the Count

Ever wonder what happened to old Norbert “Stinky Two-Legs” Buskin from Walnut Street? Looks like he changed his name, moved to Florida, and tried to break into houses by busting out the window. Some of us always said that old Norb put the “breaking” into “breaking in”, and it looks like that was the end […]

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Granddaddy Longlegs Poisonous

Did you know: The grandaddy longlegs arachnid is so poisonous, if you swallow anything while in the same room with one, you will die 30 times. ?

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It would be foolish to assert that there is no power above mine. Only the attitude that I take toward it will be quite another than that of the religious age: I shall be the enemy of every higher power, while religion teaches us to make it our friend and be humble toward it. Max […]

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Starlight Speech–A Memorial

We made our pacts in Whisky-town between the oaks behind the mushroom pasture late at night beneath the ancient burning stars. At fourteen fifteen seventeen we had no way to know how manifest our words would reach the stars and burn themselves back home. A few of us gleamed on to starlight speech while others […]

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Coming (Back) Soon

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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