Have You Ever Seen a Cop Do Something Illegal?

And then you tried to perform a citizen’s arrest?

It doesn’t work.




Curses work much better.

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Q: Why Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

A: We don’t.

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My Ancestors are Watching Me

I can swear cause every one is watching me

My dead grandmother’s grandfater is watching (so is she)

My dead grandfather’s grandmother and her ol beau’ are watchin

My gramma’s grampa’s gramps is watching

My grampa’s gramma’s gramma is watchin and gramma’s boyfriend’s mama’s watchin too

I’m the newphew of a lot of people and I’m the grand grand newphew of lots of great grand uncles, aunts, and long-old cousins.

I’m the great grand nephew of someone who married someone else and then had more kids who are somehow distant distant cousins. The people I’m a great grand to have all been dead a while so we go valley-way ’bout mid October we’ll compare old pcitures of our relatives adn see who looks like who.

We’ll all tell stories we remember then what our folks remembered then tell what our cousins heard from aunts and uncles all around. Then it’s what our grands and gramps remembered and then it’s what somebody told to them  and then it’s what they heard as rumor and then we’re back to parents all our parents the things threy thourhg but never proved, the things their parent told about their grammas grampas, all of that and then our coustins all had things to say about the people we dont know but aslo sometimes people we do know and sometimes about each other.

Odin, Tyr, and Thor to name a few are watching over me and they are watching over you. Freya, Sif, and Hel can see you.

All of your ancestors’ gods can see you.

And all of your ancestors watch you now.

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How Long Does it Take to Get from Whisky to Hope?

When I tell people where I’m from
from Whisky town in Arkansas
they sometimes ask
“Is Whisky close to Hope?”

And I’m so proud
to be from close
to Clinton’s home
I say:

“It’s sort of, kind of, pretty close
about an hour driven fast
unless you take
the longer way
avoiding all the cops
or need to stop
in Sparkman
like I did.

And honestly I’m still not sure,
’cause I got drunk in Whisky
stoned in Sparkman
fell asleep
then woke
still drunk
in Hope.

In other words
it all depends
on how you choose
to go.”

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It would be foolish to assert that there is no power above mine. Only the attitude that I take toward it will be quite another than that of the religious age: I shall be the enemy of every higher power, while religion teaches us to make it our friend and be humble toward it.
Max Stirner, The Ego and Its Own

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Starlight Speech–A Memorial

We made our pacts in Whisky-town between
the oaks behind the mushroom pasture late
at night beneath the ancient burning stars.

At fourteen fifteen seventeen we had
no way to know how manifest our words
would reach the stars and burn themselves back home.

A few of us gleamed on to starlight speech
while others of us wrapped ourselves in webs
and others still have dissipated hurled themselves to manifest their wills between the stars.

Tonight we meet inside Goetia Springs.
We none of us are headed back to “home.”
We’re happy to be out and gone away.

We’ll celebrate the ones who’ve mastered white-hot flames between their lips
and mourn the ones inside their webs
and wonder what’s between the stars.

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Coming (Back) Soon

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Let’s Hear it for the Palins’ Fear of Life

Bristol Palin scared of biological imperitave.

It’s a shame to hear a young woman say that telling her parents she was pregnant, was harder than labor!

Reproducing is our biological imperatve, secondary only to staying alive.  Being afraid to tell your parents that you’re going to keep passing on their genes, and continue the human race, is every bit as absurd (and sad and sick) as being afraid of telling them you’re going to keep breathing for another day!

Control, fear, blah.  It’s amazing what they’ve scared us until feeling afraid and ashamed about.  I don’t even know where to start with this.

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Test Post from 80s

This is only a test!

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